Minimize the cancer treatment side effects.

Measuring enzyme levels in patients may reveal healthy cells’ ability to survive chemotherapy. New research from MIT may allow scientists to develop a test that can predict the severity of side effects

Canadian Guidelines for Fibromyalgia Recognize the Need for Easier Path to Diagnosis and Management

Canadian Guidelines for Fibromyalgia Recognize the Need for Easier Path to Diagnosis and Management Our friends from McGill University came out with a whole new plan for managing fibromyalgia recently in their

Skin cancer (non-melanoma)

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world.Non-melanoma skin cancer refers to a group of cancers that slowly develop in the upper layers of the skin. The term ‘non-melanoma’ distinguishes

Medical Massage Techniques

Medical Massage Techniques (with lubrication) Figure 1: Client lies on her side. Place a folded towel between the neck and pillow. Place fingers around the occipital bone at the insertion of neck

Treating Fibromyalgia

Treating Fibromyalgia Massage Therapy as a Beneficial Tool Illustrations courtesy of the authors. Most massage therapists and body workers have seen the effects of fibromyalgia on at least some of their clients’

Hormonal Changes May Affect Fibromyalgia Onset

  Hormonal Changes May Affect Fibromyalgia Onset   The disparity between men and women in developing fibromyalgia, where the female to male ratio is 7:1, causes many researchers to be suspicious of

Fibromyalgia In Children: No Medication Required

Fibromyalgia in Children: No Medication Required David D. Sherry, MD This is Dr David Sherry, director of the Amplified Pain Program at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Today I’d like to

Experiencing pain, Research Question, pain intensity levels, Aaffective-motivational components of pain

When experiencing pain, information is forwarded from nociceptive receptors in the periphery of the body to cortical areas in the brain. Different brain mechanisms process information either serially or in parallel, with

Grammy Award-winning Singer Patti LaBelle Teams Up with American Lung Association’s LUNG Grammy Award-winning

Personally affected by lung cancer, LaBelle shares her voice this Lung Cancer Awareness Month to help defeat the #1 cancer killer of women, a disease that new research confirms too few women

The effects of music listening on pain and stress in the daily life of patients with fibromyalgia syndrome

Alexandra Linnemann1, Mattes B. Kappert1, Susanne Fischer2, Johanna M. Doerr1, Jana Strahler1 and Urs M. Nater Music listening is associated with both pain- and stress-reducing effects. However, the effects of music listening